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Where it all begins

Football isn't about whether you win or lose, or about how many goals are scored; football is about having loads of fun with your friends. Fun is what Wildcats is all about!

Our team of coaches ensure every single Wildcats session is filled with fun, games and laughter, enabling the girls to fall in love with the game whilst building their confidence, growing friendships and learning some skills along the way. 

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Reigate Priory Park

First 2 sessions free, £5 per session

OUr wildcats sessions are currently on hold and will return in 2024

To join our waiting list, please email:

What is wildcats?

Wildcats is for girls aged 6-11 who want to get involved with football for the very first time, or want the opportunity to play with other girls their own age without wanting to commit to playing in a team.

At Wildcats, girls are able to play football in a fun and friendly environment, providing the perfect setting for them to meet new friends, build confidence and learn the football basics. .

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