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A New LOVE Affair

We're so excited to announce our new partnership with LOVE CORN!

LOVE CORN is the fastest growing new snack brand in the UK & USA and we're so proud to be working with them to continue improving the health of our players, not only through physical activity but now through healthy eating.

Our partnership will support the continued development of our club and our ability to provide girls across Surrey the opportunity to play the game they LOVE!

LOVE CORN is a new snack brand who are on a mission to make Premium Roasted Corn your favourite snack, and put a smile on your face whilst doing it!

Their delicious, crunchy roasted corn kernels are packed with flavour and made with love. High in fibre, vegan & gluten-free, they're the perfect savoury snack. Popular in the Mediterranean & South America, LOVE CORN is the first Premium Roasted Corn brand and fills the gap in market for a savoury, healthy & crunchy snack. If you like the simple things in life (Sea Salt), some BBQ goodness (Smoked BBQ) or have spicy ways (Habanero), they have a flavour for you!

Check out their brand at and follow the fun at @lovecorn_snacks


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